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My Family

My Family

Our Grandpup Bella

Our Grandpup Bella


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To the Heart of Me

~In finding her heart, she finds her soul."

My art journey takes me within to discover my inner soul connection to 'All That Is' and in turn to express this love through art, words and photography. By lessoning my own suffering in my heart I hope to bring more peace and less suffering into the world. I create for the pure joy and healing heart of it!  I guess you can say I am mostly an explorer and healer of the heart.

My art goal is to share thee pure childlike innocence, inquiring curiosity and creative inspiration that I think lives within us all and connects us to everything.

 I have been married for 36 years to my wonderful husband, Roger, and we have two of the most beautiful and artistic daughters, Natalie and Mary Kathryn. We recently moved to our dream home in Sarasota, Florida where we are enjoying the wonderful sunshine state.

My favorite quote is by Pablo Picasso, 
"It takes a long time to become young.
 ~ Source ~ Brainy Quote