Iolana ~ "Soaring Bird" ( Love Gives Life Within)


Pictures are a thousand words but seeing in person goes beyond a thousand pictures.

My daughter just graduated from college with Summa Cum Laude honors and she got a job at Disney so to celebrate my husband and I took her on a trip to Hawaii. Fourteen years ago, I was  headed to Hawaii for my 20th Anniversary but not long before we were to leave my husband gave me another option,
to redo our 1950's bathroom and add a sunroom along with a diamond wedding ring (When we got married we were so young and broke so we used my grandmother's ring instead. I will add here that I got a beautiful one for my 25th anniversary).  So being the practical person I am I chose to let Hawaii go, at least for a while. However I must say, it was not an easy decision and with it came some big heartache, (some wailing and some big fights). "I mean after all, it's Hawaii. Isn't that everyone's dream?"
 So this is why it was a REALLY, REALLY BIG DEAL FOR ME to come to the land of Paradise.

"I mean after all,
it's Hawaii.
Isn't that everyone's dream?" 

But I will say, Hawaii never stopped whispering to me. Finally her voice became my voice and then my daughter's as well, it wasn't long before Hawaii spoke even to my husband. Can you hear her calling?
Be still and listen.

"Can you hear her calling?" 

Having less than a week to spend in Hawaii, we decided to focus our trip on Maui. We were NOT disappointed! Maui truly lives up to everything I ever heard about it. It is as close to paradise that a place on this Earth can be. I mean it is gorgeous! Of course, I know that we bring ourselves wherever we go, so no place can take away our troubles but it can help us get in touch with ourselves on a deeper level so things in our life can be put in their proper perspectives.
Maui gave me a gentle reminder to slow down and observe, for everything is created from the inside out.  

"Maui Time."


Here are some fun pictures of our adventures. Horseback riding, snorkeling, sightseeing and good food. 

We are leaving Maui with many wonderful memories! O'Hana, we are all ONE family and Earth is our home. 

We are leaving Maui with many wonderful memories!
O'Hana, we are all ONE family
and Earth is our home. 

Here is a short video showing my process and the inspiration. 

Beautiful spiritual moments in Maui. 

The Gorgeous Maui Skylines.

O'Hana, we are all ONE family
and Earth is our home. 

So many adventures so many good times.

"Here is my interpretation
of the inspiring land of gentle transformation. "


I designed the painting around the four elements, (earth, wind, fire and water) which connects everything and everyone. My hope is to connect the heart and mind with a feeling of Oneness.

I chose the name Iolana for the Hawaiian girl because it means "soaring bird" which has always been the image we associate with freedom or transformation. Since birds have the ability to fly above they can see life from a higher perspective. I also chose to add the title "Love Gives Life Within" because it is a Hawaiian saying that I think best sums up my experience on Maui. It opens the heart and nudges us to go within. Although our body has 5 senses our soul connects us through our intuition, peace, trust and empathy. We have to learn to trust what our soul sees and feels. It is our inner knowing. We have 7 chakras or 7 spiritual doorways. Each has a meaning and a connection to everything. We learn through these doorways. This painting is my attempt to share my soul connection to Hawaii.
I don't always want to share my inspiration or interpretation of a painting because I want the viewer to find their own message but this one wanted to be heard so I will try to share my story. As you can see, Iolana, is shown  not only blending in with the environment she is one with it. I tried to create a harmonious connection to everything around her. Even with a brewing storm and fire blazing in her hands, she isn't knocked off of her center. She is at peace with all that is.

I will begin at her crown and go down to the root but then I will connect back to the seagull, who represents freedom. There are 7 Plumerias representing the 7th chakra called the crown chakra. The Plumerias are gently flowing into the waves of emotional transformation (reminding us to allow the emotions to flow effortlessly even in the midst of the storms of life).The green lei around her neck is flowing and connecting her throat down through the heart chakra and on to the root. It represents the healing power of the throat and heart chakras which connects us to our root and then with the world. When we are able to lovingly speak our truth and open the heart we can hear the world around us as well. Next you can see that Iolana is holding the flames of a blazing fire which connects the control chakra (our will) and sacral chakra (our sexual and creativity chakra). This is where our passions and desires create our world.. It is also the place that allows us to burn up and heal our karma  (the healing of ancestral, childhood, and sexual wounds). Three red flowers are seen below the fire, representing the trinity of life and the transformation of the father, the mother and the child. From here we can pull our attention to Iolana's grass skirt. You can easily see that her skirt is blending in with the sand. This symbolizes her her grounded presence with the Earth and her root chakra which is also known as the foundation chakra. When we are grounded within ourselves we are grounded with our world. And lastly but definitely not  least, the seagull is soaring right above her head and the crashing waves which is a symbol of freedom even in midst of chaos. Freedom is not only a state of mind, it is our soul's birthright. We are the ones who imprison ourselves so it is up to us to set ourselves free. However remembering this is a journey and it takes as long as it takes.  But when are ready to remember with all our chakras , it can be only one breath away. 

A couple of my never ending lessons of life!

"Transformation is the journey of life,
it is not the destination." 

"Nothing ever stays the same." 

"Be still and know ALL is exactly as it IS...
there is no hurry,
unless you want it to be."

"This too shall past."

"It takes as long as it takes."

"The light cannot exist without the dark. 
Neither Are good or bad
but rather two poles of the balance of unity."