The cocoon is complete. Soon you will be ready to shed your skin. There is nothing more here to taste that you have not already consumed. You can let go and relax now. You are coming to the end of this journey. It is time to discover the ‘real unknown’.

“What does that mean, it is time to discover the real unknown?” you gasp. “There you go again with these perplexing statements.

All will unfold in Divine Order. There is nothing to fear. Just allow yourself to fall into the depths of the stillness within. You are ready to review all that you have experienced on this existence. You are ready to discover the journey within. Take a deep breath and be still while you listen to my voice,  as I gently whisper, Be Here NOW, Be Here NOW, Be Here NOW. You are ready to remember that NOW is all there really ever was, ever is and ever will be.

“Now is all there was,  is and will be? What the heck does that mean?”  I thought NOW is Now. What about the past and the future? As the saying goes, ‘The past is history and the future is always a mystery. How can you lump them all together right?” you question.

Don’t worry. There is nothing really to fear as long as you stay present in this NOW moment. For in the present, your intuition will guide you where you need to go and what you need to do and learn. Remember everything exist in the NOW even the past and the future. In fact, nothing can truly exist outside the NOW.

“HOLD ON for one moment here!  What do you mean, remember, that my past and future exist right now? How can my future and past exist now and if I don’t know it Now how do I remember something I don’t know because what I know, is my past has already happened. It is fixed. And my future…. well it hasn’t happened yet. It is out of my control and that is why it is so scary. How can I remember something I have never known? ” Maybe I am not ready for this transformation. This all seems scary and confusing to me.” you interrupt.

Okay let’s take it slowly. When I say “remember” I am speaking about the parts of you that have already learned this. You have many parts within yourself and some of these parts have already learned this and still others are learning this as we speak. It will come back to you as you open up and allow things to gently unfold. Now let’s take things one step at a time. Let’s look at the past in isolation.   See our perception of past events in this moment, is what actually makes up our past or let’s say creates our past. In other words, our past is merely our perceptions, in this moment, of events that we have already been lived. It is all changeable and it is all connected to the NOW. Nothing is really fixed. It is all more fluid than you realize because it is all made up of our perceptions in each Now moment.  As our persent perceptions change about these events then our past actually expands. We see and understand more about these events as we grown and expand. This allows our past to shift with us. It is fluid. Now when the past shifts we shift in this moment and our future possibilities shift as well. Everything is fluid and shifting all the time in the Now. So as we begin to understand that all is taking place Now we are able to be more present in the Now. As we accept and forgive the events of the past we are able to learn the lesson and our focus returns to the Present Now.  

“Oh…I’m starting to remember something. You are beginning to sound like this grasshopper I once met. His name was Jung. He sees with ‘a thousand eyes’ so to speak and this allows him to see the bigger picture. He was trying to teach me something about the past and future being all interconnected. He said something about the moon looks like it is going through waxing and waning stages. But really the moon is always there we just don’t see parts of it from our present angle or view.  Even though the moon is always present, some of its aspects and effects may be hidden behind a veil or shadow at different parts of the cycle. Like the moon, we also have cycles where parts of ourselves are hidden and this may change how we see the world day to day. As we expand our view, we see more of the whole and likewise when we contract we see less,” you add with an thin air of confidence in your voice.

Yes indeed, Jung is a very wise teacher. Okay I am glad you are beginning to see that the past, present and future are all interconnected. Now let’s go a little deeper to see how they are connected. Jung has lead a good foundation for our dialogue to begin.

Let’s build on the thought, the past is our perceptions of events in this Now moment, by looking at how these perceptions of events are stored in our bodies. See these emotional memories are not just stored in our brain as some think, they are actually stored and communicated throughout our entire body by way of emotions. Then these imprints are passed down throughout generations through our DNA coding. The actual event itself is no longer important, it is the emotional blockages that affects our lives and the world around us.   This is why different people who lived the same event have totally different perspectives and it affects them in total different ways.

Of course these genetic imprints are not just past down through the generations causing ancestral cycles but are also creating cycles that energetically effect the mass-consciousness, and the Earth itself, for everything is energy and it is all connected. From there, these energetic cycles move outward, like a gas, beyond the Earth, affecting the planetary cycles of the entire Universe. Everything in life expands and contracts in cycles. And these cycles affect everything. Yet we are all very powerful individually, and so each one of us effects these cycles by our thoughts, emotions and choices. Ripples of change can be very powerful. We creating these ripples with each thought, feeling, and choices.

“Now you are really confusing me on so many levels and I thought I was doing good traveling with you. Can you explain how this works? I mean I know we are repeating things because I have experienced cycles upon cycles of the same pattern but somewhere along the line this expanding and contracting is confusing me. Although on another level, I see it as being helpful because it gives me time to process and absorb more of what you are saying. I guess because we cover it from different angles and I get to move in and out to see from these different angles. Does that make sense? I mean think I am sort of answering my own question” you stutter.

Yes, it certainly does. You have to unwind yourself the way you wind yourself up. It is like winding around a tree to get to the top. You don’t crawl straight up the tree because it would be too hard and steep. So by winding around and around you get to experience a gradual climb and you experience the cycle again but from a little bit higher perspective and so therefore from a different perspective. You feel like you are going back to the same place and that feels like you are traveling backward. You might think, “oh I have been here before so why am I repeating the same things.” But really you are a bit higher on the cycle.

Let’s simplify things by starting with one event.  Let’s say something happens to you where you do not feel empowered to safely move through an event on an emotional level. You may have felt too fragile or weak to move through the pain. So you shut down your emotions to stop yourself from having to feel the pain.  When you shut the emotions down, parts of you dissociates from the experience and contracts within your body. See emotions are merely energy in motion, in the form of molecular chemicals in the body. They create a communication highway throughout the cells in your body. This is one way our bodies communicates throughout the mind-body system. It is not merely the brain that stores information and your nerves that send signals throughout your body, but rather your entire bodies are communicating with you as well. Your body and mind work together as a team. You can say that your body is your subconscious mind. It communicates and stores information for you.  In fact every cell has memory of the whole.

When you allow your emotions to flow freely throughout the body you create homeostasis and balance.  When this occurs your body is open and communicating. However, if you shut your emotions down, the memories are frozen so to speak in the part of the body that is associated with the stuck emotions of these past events. You are no longer able to communicate with this part of the body.  This splintered part, so to speak, does not emotionally and mentally move on with you in a fluid way. Not consciously at least. It is locked away and is unable to expand. It is like you bury feelings in your body and push them into your unconscious mind. The cells in this part of the body will eventually begin to forget what they are meant to do which can cause disease. As the meaning of the word states “dis” ease means “no ease”. Life no longer flows with ease. These trapped dissociated parts just keep cycling around and around  like being on merry-go-round, repeating the same lesson. Without these splintered parts you contract and become smaller and denser, less aware. With less of you to manifest and less options to choose you feel stuck. Your vision of the world around you contracts as well. If may feel like the world is contracting on top of you.

“Wow, there is more going on in this little body than I thought. I mean I have been expanding and shedding many different skins throughout my life. I have travelled the world over and I have also learned from so many different creatures. Yet here I am now, even in this cocoon, still learning and expanding. This is a lot for this is creature to take in.

Yes, but just relax because this is not new. As I said you have learned this from so many ways and so many angles. Size has nothing to do with awareness. You have learned this from the up and from the down, from here and there, from inside and outside, from now and then, from victim to villain, from male to female, from the big to the small, and from every living creature here. You have been it all for it is all inside.

Hmmmm. This I am not so sure of. I mean yes I have learned a lot but how can I be everyone? I am just me….Charlie, a very small and to many, an insignificant creature. But I will relax because this does seem very interesting.  However I will say, the part that is learning all of this right now ,feels like it is the very first time,” you say rather shyly. “However I will add you are sounding a lot like my very dear friend, Destiny the Dragonfly. She was not only a very dear friend of mine, she was also one of my most enlightened teachers of my life. She shared her life with me and I daresay, it is a very interesting life. She begins in the water until she learns to master her emotional body by dealing with the dragons of her life. Then she sprouts wings and learns to become the master of her mental body.  She is a great teacher for the world,“ then you pause a moment before beginning again.

“Aha!…I didn’t even realize until this very moment, she taught me many things about our emotions. Let me see if I can remember anything she taught me and how it pertains to what you are saying”, you pause as you collect your thoughts.

“I kind of remember something about her teaching me how to release these stuck emotions but that was many moons ago. I am afraid I cannot quite bring this memory back right now. Maybe it will return later.  But right now I trying to understand why on Earth would we remain stuck? I mean why would we not try to heal these issues right away? I just can’t seem to remember all that Destiny taught me,” you softly speak once again pausing in contemplation..

“Oh yes, I remember she said something about how the situation feels like a big fire breathing dragon out to get us.” you pipe in.

Yes and so when this happens you live a more fearful and contracted existence. Some parts lose self-respect and become withdrawn while others project these insecurities onto others and become aggressive. The fractured self thinks you are not good enough because you are not operating from a state of wholeness. Since you are not ready to face the lesson you just keep creating these same type of dramas in your life until they no longer work for you.

As I said some parts use these blockages as revenge. These parts do not want to let go because they are still angry. They project their anger onto someone else creating a victim who may flip around and become the perpetrator on them, thus creating a looping pattern.  While others may create looping cycles as victims. Being a victim allows them to get attention and through their victimhood mentality they attract others to feel sorry for them. They may choose to stay in this pattern, attracting many perpetrators to come in and play the other side. In both cases, whether you play the role of victim or perpetrator,  the individual does not want to face their splintered parts within and this refusal to see both sides traps them in a baby stage so to speak. They will remain contracted as a victim or baby until they are ready to grow up and take responsibility for their lives and their choices. They will face wake up calls but may resist until they become too loud or too painful to ignore. Then they will start to wake up.  

Likewise the parts may choose to wake up by flipping back and forth  from victim to perpetrator. When we get both sides we not only see that one cannot exist without the other, we see that they are really one and the same. Just different sides of of the same coin.  In fact, both sides think that they are the victims. They think the other is out to get them. Yet how can both be a victim? If both are the victim then both must also be the perpetrators. When the begin to get this the wake up begins. Of course this is all being created from the unconscious or subconscious state of awareness. Our world, as a whole has not yet realized this but many parts of us are waking up.

“Yes, I remember this swan named Diana. She was the most loving and gentle mother, a true symbol of grace and elegance. Regal and lovely as a princess. In front of the world she held her head high. You would think she was the most confidence creature that ever lived. But she had this other side that was droopy and lacked confidence.   Even though the world seemed to love and admire her, at times, she would separate and isolate herself from the people that knew her best. She felt alone and no one in her family seemed to understand her. It was like she had this “victim energy” bubble around her. I talked with her for a very long time trying to show her how good things were in her life and that no one was out to get her. But then something or someone will come along that threatened either her or her children and she will flip on a dime. She would become fierce and if you came at her she would repeatedly strike like a snake. I think she was still holding onto being bullied as a youngster. See people called her ugly duckling. She would say, “I am not a duck!”. But I think the ugly part stuck. I like to think my friendship helped her somewhat. But she told me she had to get this lesson on her own and find her own inner balance. I will never forget her. She was so regal yet so timid,” you say with a soft loving voice as you drift back to the present.

“How many cycles are we creating? It seems endless. And overwhelming,” you ask with a huge sigh.

I know there looks like endless cycles going on but as I said earlier, most experiences pertain to the same lessons. At the very core, we are on a journey to go beyond duality to find the Crystal Divine light that exist in all things.  The real issue is not in how many cycles there are but rather how many parts within us that are trying to understand the lesson behind these blockages. In this dimension, we are made up of 12 different sides or facets like a dodecahedron and each of these have 12 sides. So from where we stand there are 144 parts of us that are integrating into Oneness.

“Ahhhh yes, I remember Destiny teaching some part of me, that we have many sides that must return to the whole and she gave me some tools to move through these blockages. I kind of remember dealing with the anger side. She taught me how I can feel my anger in private with the intention to heal my issue and not to put my emotions directly onto others.  As I express these emotions there is a part of me that feels separate, who is watching over me so to speak. She called it the Observer. The Observer is there to reflect these emotional releasing energies back to me. When the emotions are reflected back I begin to understand not only this side but I begin to see how the other side feels. This allows me to have more compassion. From there I can expand and realize the other side is just reflecting the hidden parts that exists in me. Because I feel both sides there is no longer any projections. Without projection there can be no more drama. I see things from a much higher perspective which includes both sides at the same time.. But since I have 144 parts I guess several of those either did not learned this or have forgotten”, you chuckle.

Yes each one of your parts is operating at its own level of awareness and integration.  You are falling in and out of awareness as you shift to different sides of yourself. So just be gentle where you are in every Now moment. In fact you can only grasp things where you are.  So there is really no judgement and no race to the finish line. Being gentle with yourself and others allows the world to be gentle with you. We are remembering that our true home is not out in the world or out somewhere else but rather our real home is within.

“Oh…kind of like a turtle. I met this turtle once. Let me see, what was her name? Ahhh yes it was Etta, which means ‘ruler of the home’. I can’t believe I remember that. Hmmm, my memory is getting better.  Anyway wherever Etta went she had the protection of her home with her. If she got scared she just pulled her feet and head in and stayed shut down until the thing she feared went away.” you happily add.

Well, sort of like that. I mean Etta may feel protected in her space for a while. But eventually she will have to come out of her shell and face the world. If she continues to think she is protected by closing herself off in shell, she will stay in a false sense of protection, looping in and out of her fear. Yet not overcoming it. The outside world which she thinks is creating her fears will continue to haunt her. Her lesson will be to finally realize that her fears are actually being unconsciously created through her victimhood mentality. She is attracting perpetrators.  Through victimhood she is sending out a signal that actually is magnetically drawing the perpetrator in. She thinks she is safe in her home but she is actually hiding from her own self-created fear. So she remains shut down and has to keep moving along from one place to another trying to avoid the culprit, thinking she is protecting herself, all the while not knowing it is she who is actually recreating the fear experiences from within. Until she truly goes in and realizes this she cannot find true peace. Peace will keep alluding her.

“Wow, and to think I used to be jealous of Etta because I thought she was able to travel along with her own protective home.  I never ever thought that we are all attracting everything to us even it appears someone else does something to us. It is hard to believe that there are no victims. I find it a very difficult to believe that we are attracting everything from our contracted state of awareness or from our expanded state of awareness.  I am not sure all parts of me gets this even after all the cycles I have been through. It is most difficult to accept that we would want to keep repeating a pattern if we could change it.” you add.

Well of course when we are aware we will choose other options but it takes a while for all the parts within to wake up and see things as they truly are and not how we want them to be. If we view our past through angry and unforgiving eyes we will see the present event the same way. Of course if we felt strong in the past then we may view the events as an adventure or challenge.  We will keep attracting things or creatures to trigger these patterns, thus creating opportunities to wake up and choose something different. I will add here that not only do we all see our present NOW, with our past eyes, we also, see with our future eyes.

Now you really have me reeling. Just when I was beginning to feel better you remind of the future. Hmmmm,  this whole thing of seeing through future eyes. How can we see through future eyes. The future is yet to be?” you frustratingly argue.

Okay let’s say in the past you did not get something you needed. You felt powerless and deprived. This contracted and scarcity state of viewing life not only affects how you see your present circumstances as lacking it also projects a bleak future as well thus creating more fear. If we stay in this state, what we fear we draw near because fear pulls us out of the Now and into future tripping. Although fear does have its purpose in life, for example, it can motivate us to get out of harm’s way, it should be a temporary emotion. Staying in this state can cause much damage to our mind/body  system. Fear thrives when we live in what ‘might be’ instead of what is. The future is made up of all possibilities yet we can only access the future possibilities based on where we are in this Now moment, which remembers also contains our perceptions of past events as well. Everything is connected and we create everything in our Now perceptions.

So to bring it all back together again and to simplify things I will say, when a large part of our consciousness pulls out of this Now moment into the perceptions of the past  we create a depressed state of consciousness, which is merely a suppression of emotions in our bodies. Depression in turn creates a heavy stuck feeling like being in quicksand. We feel stuck and imprisoned. We cannot move onward and expand.. Other parts begin living in the future which creates fear and a feeling that something is out to get you. You may feel anxiety and apprehension like being frozen in a block of ice. Both feel unable to move forward. The reason behind this is because when we are living in the future or the past, our consciousness is not in our body. If we are not in our body then we are not here now. For the body only flows healthily in this NOW. So fear and depression keep us out of living Now. We begin to contract because we are not filling up our bodies with consciousness. Where there is no consciousness there is no life. But the good news is that every moment is a new beginning, an opportunity to wake up. When we are ready we will receive what we need to move forward again. As we wake up and expand so does our past, present and future possibilities.

“Well I’ll take any good news I can right now. It all sounds so difficult from where I now stand.” you say with a well of sadness.

Now I must add…

Oh here we go. Can’t we stand on something uplifting?

Well I just wanted to say, you must also keep in mind what I said about everyone’s perceptions and awareness affects everyone else’s perception. So when one individual changes his/her perception of an event in the NOW,) everything and everyone changes as well.  Thus waking up not only expands our past, present and future possibilities, it affects everyone else’s as well. So as some wake up so does the whole. And as the saying goes, “nothing in life is set in stone”. It is all pliable. But even stones are not constant, they are always changing too.

“Well I can kind of see some of this in a way, even though, I am still very confused on many levels but it is not always so easy to shift our perceptions about the past, right? I mean especially when there are horrific events. But I must ask, what about when innocent babies and helpless beings cannot seem to help or protect themselves? It is really hard to grasp this when we think of babies and defenseless beings. I am not even sure I know what I am saying at this point and my head is pounding so hard.”

Yes, viewing the world with the eyes of duality it is very, very difficult to comprehend spiritual matters which see through the one eye of Oneness. With our two eyes, we see things as separate or divided. We perceive life as either new or old or we view things as up or down or in or out, and we judge things as either good or bad. We can’t seem to hold both sides at the same time.  We also see the movement of time as lineal…like things are happening in a line. We think we are moving from point A to point B and so forth. We perceive life as progressing from birth to eventually death. But actually time does not move in a line. Everything is actually unfolding and folding within itself right now. The separation is actually an illusion. On this dimension, there is a veil that creates separation so that we can experience points of time instead of experiencing it all at once. We do this through the heavy density of the 3rd dimension which splits things into duality. See there really is no beginning and there is no end. It is not either up or down but it is both up and down. For example. When you flip a coin and it lands on one side. You cannot see the other side. But it still exist and is part of the whole coin. We just can’t see both at the same time. It is 2 dimensional. But if we were to turn it on its edge and we were looking from above we could see both at the same time. We are viewing them from a higher perspective.   

On this plane, we do not want to accept that we can only see part of the story. We are only seeing one cycle at a time, while thinking it is the whole story. But this life that we are currently living is not the entire story. It is not the beginning nor is it the end of the story. So in the real sense, babies are not the beginning nor is death the end and defenseless people are not only defenseless. This is just the view of illusion. Of course that does not mean that we do not do everything in our power to protect them. Of course we do, because they are not seeing their other side so they create experiences that one side. When we are awake we realize that they need our help to wake up the other side. When we are truly awake, we remember they are us so we want to do everything in our power to protect and help them. When we open our hearts, we remember. Our hearts are the doorway to remembering that we are ALL ONE, we are not ALONE. It is like the saying, We are the ALL in the One and the ONE in the ALL.

I see your confused look, so I will add something before we move on. We are all made up of many different fractured parts. But each of these fractals has the same character as the whole. We are all babies and we are all defenseless beings but we are also all old, wise and strong. If we do not get caught up in the duality of life we will begin to see through our spiritual single eye of Oneness and then we will see everyone as old and as young as well as strong and weak. Everyone is precious and everyone is us. So if we treat everyone as a sweet precious baby and a wise old sage then we would wake up to a whole new world. But before we each wake up it often takes a big wake up call to expand our vision. This is often referred ti as  “the dark night of the soul”.

“Oh I remember Phoenix, a praying mantis who to me about this being that  Through the fires of transformation in the garden he faced his deepest fears. When he realized it was all within, he was able to rise out of the ashes and be reborn. Is that what you mean” We transform these blockages and are transformed?” you question.